Bradford Glass, DPM, APBS
Bradford Glass, DPM, APBS


Wound Care

In providing care for wounds of the lower extremity at our wound management and healing clinic, we employ a discipline that is focused both upon new advances coupled with tried-and-true techniques proven effective through clinical research, evidence-based medicine and experience. Our clinic's physician(s) and staff remain current on new technologies that are available and those being evaluated in our clinical research program, while equally remembering the basic principles that when utilized appropriately that ultimately can lead to achieving success in healing an individual's wound(s).

I am also quite frequently asked what the difference in care is between other practitioners providing wound care and our clinic and its staff. My answer starts with the philosophy of providing foot health care that serves as the core element when an individual with a lower extremity condition seeks care at the Aung FootHealth Clinics: "A good physician treats the disease; a great physician treats the patient". Simply put, I and my staff treat you a person not as a number or a medical condition. We also employ a number of methods of patient care that are designed to provide care by what I have termed "treatment by intention and not by chance". In doing so, we address the medical condition(s) the patient presents with at our clinic, treating the whole patient, and we begin a preventative care program in which the patient is the center of our multi-disciplinary care team.

Upon presenting to our clinic, you the patient will be examined/evaluated for the lower extremity condition that is requiring care along with any associated conditions (for our diabetic patients their current and past blood sugars levels, any loss of protective sensation or loss of feeling in the extremities, and any vascular complications) that might effect the success of healing your wounds(s).


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